Taylor Swift Reportedly Going Hip Hop On Her New Album, With Help From Drake

There are some rumours flying around that Taylor Swift is set to launch a new offensive in her ongoing battle to ~never go out of style~.

T-Swizzle is reportedly set to enter a new phase of her musical metamorphosis (which has so far seen her evolve from demure country singer to pop megastar) by levelling up as a hip hop dynamo in the seemingly imminent follow-up to her latest blockbuster album 1989.

UK tabloid The Sun reports that T-unit is apparently “exploring the new urban sound in the studio” and has recruited the one and only Drake to help her do it.

The goss-monger’s “inside source” reckons Drizzy’s produced a few of Tay’s new tracks, which are “a real mix of edgier hip-hop and R&B sounds,” and has even added some vocals to one tune.

Said “source” goes on to point out that Tay has already begun her foray into more urban sounds thanks to her monster 2014 hit Bad Blood.

“The remix of her song Bad Blood had a less pop vibe — especially once Kendrick Lamar featured on it — and was a big hit, so she thinks her fans will like her going in this direction,” the source tells The Sun.

And haters have already begun to hate, with Stereogum’s Tom Breihan declaring it “a fucking horrible idea. Like, it’s the worst idea”.

M8. Tay didn’t choose the Thug Lyf.


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