Watch This Demi Lovato Gig Get Gatecrashed By A Backup Dancer’s Huge Erection

Sometimes when you’re performing onstage, things can get a bit hard.

Artists often have to contend with unexpected, uh, curveballs during their live sets, like sound issues, overzealous fans, grievous accidents or, in the case of Demi Lovato, huge throbbing boners.

As Metro reports, the pop singer was recently performing at a gay bar, as you do, when it became evident that one of the lubed-up male strippers gyrating on a pole next to her was scarcely concealing a pole of his very own.

Props to Demi, the girl managed to maintain her cool (for the summer) at the sight of the tighty-whitey clad beefcake’s rogue officer standing at full salute. That is, until old mate’s old mate started pulling its own Magic Mike style dance moves.


Watch the whole thing, uh, unfold below.

Watch: Guy’s Massive Boner Stole Demi Lovato’s Show

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