Watch This Metal Construction Worker Windmill As He Renovates Your Home

If heavy metal was a person with a job, it would be this dude and it would have his job. In fact, we think this might just be what this clip is actually depicting. Only a humanoid personification of metal could possibly windmill with that kind of velocity while deftly operate an angle grinder or band saw.

He doesn’t stop there, though. His construction talents are multi-faceted and apply to everything from mixing up grout, to operating impact drivers and even jackhammers, which as anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of the genre knows, is the most metal power tool there is.

Readers can check the metal construction worker below as he takes his skills — those he learnt during his apprenticeship and those he learnt listening to Slayer — around a raft of job sites, all the while hoping the WorkSafe inspector doesn’t show up. Windmilling is probably against OH&S.

Watch: Metal Construction

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