This Dude’s 15-Min Rant About Download Festival’s Aussie Lineup Is A Wild Ride

There was a mixed reaction when Download Festival unveiled the lineup for its first-ever Aussie event earlier this month, with a pretty even split between those giving it the thumbs up, and those raising a different finger instead.

And look, metalheads can be a very passionate bunch, especially when it comes to music…

One particular Aussie headbanger was filled with so much emotion about the Download Australia lineup that he felt compelled to go on a swear-y 15-minute-long YouTube rant to point out what he perceives as its various flaws, and oooooh boy is it something.

“God fucking damn it. They had one fuckin’ job, and they didn’t do it right, and they fucked it all up, and now I’m all pissed off,” YouTuber ‘Down With This Sort Of Thing’ proclaims at the start of his video as he sips from a tinnie, before turning his verbal shade cannon onto most of the bands on the lineup.

Bemoaning the choice of Korn to headline, he puffs: “I don’t think that they’ve been relevant for at least 10 years. It’s not fucking 1999.”

And don’t even get him started on Limp Bizkit.

“Fucking Limp Bizkit just jumping out and waving their dick in my face right off the bat,” he says. “Again they’re just going for that fucking nostalgia thing, trying to get everyone who felt angsty and edgy in fucking 1998 or whenever Limp Bizkit were actually relevant, and trying to get them to come spend a whole butt-tonne of money at the fucking festival.”

To boil it down, this man’s central thesis seems to be that the Download Festival promoters have “ignored the metal market” with their debut Aussie lineup, instead selecting bands who are “poppy and shit”, which — he contends — is exactly the same mistake which led Soundwave to “fuck up and die in the arse”.

“If they want to fucking die off like Soundwave did, keep doing this,” he warns, as a Wacken 2014 poster hangs reverently in the background.

It’s definitely one wild ride. Give it a watch below, alongside our band-by-band walkthrough of the Download lineup.

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