Tradie Blasts Heavy Metal Outside Sydney Abortion Clinic To Piss Off Protestors

A brave tradie has caught the internet’s attention after being filmed blasting heavy metal music outside a Sydney abortion clinic, in an apparent attempt to annoy protestors.

Footage of the as-yet-unidentified tradie unleashing the Drowning Pool song ‘Bodies’ on unsuspecting picketers outside the Sara’s Place clinic in Surry Hills comes ahead of New South Wales implementing 150-metre safe access zones outside reproductive health clinics on 13th July.

University Of Sydney Women’s Officer Madeleine Ward took the video, and told Junkee that the tradie started blasting the music on Friday morning, after the protestors started singing.

“The protestors started singing ‘Silent Night’, and he was like ‘fuck that’, so he turned up the stereo in his car,” she said. “The protestors got a bit irate, and shouted through the barrier ‘turn it down’.”

Police were reportedly called by the protestors, and the tradie was eventually told to turn the music down.

‘Bodies’ was definitely an interesting song to choose for the occasion, given its main lyric is “Let the bodies hit the floor”.

Watch footage of the incident, below.

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