Watch Tool Play New Jam ‘Descending’ At Their Only Show For 2015

Tool fans — assemble! It’s new Tool time — and no, we don’t mean that Tool Time.

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Waiting for the new Tool album

Footage has emerged of some actual new Tool time, featuring the god-like LA rockers dropping a new track reportedly called Descending during their recent headline set at Monster Mash Music Festival in Tempe, Arizona.

The footage (below) is from the band’s only show of 2015, which probably wasn’t the first time this year they’ve dressed up as Led Zeppelin just for fun.

Descending is a slow four-minute jam, with very little vocal work from frontman Maynard James Keenan. It builds in intensity and circles around repetitive guitar lines before coming to a halt. Catch crowd-shot footage of the track in full, below.

Tool’s Halloween set at Monster Mash didn’t feature any other new material, leaving the universe wondering why the band didn’t show off more new stuff at their only show of the year.

That said, Tool did cover Led Zeppelin’s No Quarter and performed their own classics like The Grudge, Forty-Six & 2 and Stinkfist during the set. Catch the full setlist below, alongside Descending and the show’s drum solo.

Until the next episode of Tool time…

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Watch: Tool – New Song “Descending” (Live At Monster Mash Music Festival 2015)

Watch: Tool – Drum Solo (Live At Monster Mash Music Festival 2015)

Tool’s Monster Mash Music Festival Setlist (Via

No Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover) (First live performance since 1998)

The Grudge (First live performance with Maynard since 2002)

Parabol (First live performance with Maynard since 2012)

Parabola (First live performance with Maynard since 2012)

Opiate (Extended)

Schism (Extended)


Descending (Instrumental Jam)


Forty-Six & 2

Drum Solo (with synth)


(-) Ions

Stinkfist (Extended)

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