Watch Triple J’s Ben & Liam Test The Theory That Liam Sounds Like Hamish Blake

Triple j Breakfast boys Ben & Liam have finally tested the long-held theory that Liam sounds a hell of a lot like Hamish Blake, of Hamish & Andy fame.

The two duos joined forces for an on-air experiment this morning, which came in the form of a prank to confuse Liam’s girlfriend Sarah, as Hamish pretended to be Liam during an on-air phone call.

While the prank worked for a while, Sarah clearly started to pick up a weird vibe when Liam Hamish started saying he didn’t like her brother.

“I can hear [Liam’s] laugh in the background,” Sarah said after the prank fell apart.

“I’m so disappointed that that worked so well,” said Liam, to which Hamish replied, “This opens up a whole world of opportunities.”

Watch the prank in all its glory, below.

Earlier this year, Hamish Blake claimed that triple j once tried to sign Hamish & Andy, but the duo had already signed with a commercial network at the time.

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