Watch Triple J Host Veronica Milsom Announce Her Pregnancy Using A Cow Ultrasound

Triple J host Veronica Milsom AKA one half of ‘Drive’ team Veronica & Lewis has become the first human ever (we’re assuming) to publicly announce a pregnancy via the medium of cow ultrasound.

The ABC radio jockette made the exciting announcement of her up-the-duffery on-air this arvo during a segment with co-host Lewis Hobba that was taped during their visit to the Aussie town of Cohuna, which the pair had recently scored the “keys” to after completing a series of locally mandated true-blue challenges.

One of said challenges was helping a vet administer ultrasounds on mama cows, and while in the throes of the challenge V decided that she’d get jiggy with some cow lube and have a crack at an ultrasound herself.

Sure enough, the examiner confirmed the presence of life, proclaiming in technical terms “Yeah! She’s cooked!”

In an official statement about her freshly-baking bun in the oven, Veronica says: “I’m excited to create a future fan of triple j. That was my main aim, to increase our listenership one child at a time.”

Of course, V being preggers could spell some changes for JJJ’s ‘Drive’ program during her maternity, but for now it looks like the official plan is being incubated in parallel with the new bub.

“We’re really excited about Veronica and her partner Nick’s baby news!” triple J Content Director Ollie Wards says in a statement. “Congratulations to them and commiserations to Lewis who’ll drop further down Veronica’s Christmas present list. As for the ‘Drive’ show, we’ll be working through options for next year’s program and will make an announcement later in the year.”

For now, catch the video of Veronica’s big announcement about her little Kahuna below.

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