Watch What Happens When Aussie DJs Don’t Give Punters The Expected Drop

The drop has become the holy grail of every EDM DJ’s set but Aussie duo Mashd N Kutcher decided instead to torture troll their crowd, showing what happens when you deprive the people of their drop.

The relative newcomers built their Good Life Festival crowd in Brisbane up to uncontrollable levels of excitement as they reached the penultimate moment of Timmy Trumpet’s Freaks before sending them into a wave of confusion at the moment of the expected drop, by dropping Spandau Ballet’s True instead.

In a video posted to Mashd N Kutcher’s YouTube titled “When u troll the entire crowd”, pumping hands are left weak as punters scramble to find a beat to hold onto. Something. Anything.

It’s understandably caused a meltdown on social media with one fan commenting on their Facebook, “100-0 real quick. People come to turn up not get trolled on.” The duo replied simply, “Are you going to be okay.”

To be fair, they could’ve at least dropped Nelly’s Spandau Ballet-sampling N Dey Say just to ease the poor, unsuspecting punters into the troll, a little more gently.

Watch: Mashd N Kutcher troll Good Life Festival Brisbane

WHEN U TROLL THE ENTIRE CROWD. 󾌴󾌴cc: Good Life Festival Brisbane!! 󾍘🏼󾍘🏼

Posted by Mashd N Kutcher on Tuesday, 7 July 2015

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