Weird Al Takes On Business Babble In ‘Mission Statement’

Alas, the glorious week of Weird Al Yankovic is at an end. Our favourite musical parodist has marked the end of his superb run of eight music videos released over eight days with Mission Statement, a take on Crosby, Still & Nash that harmonises on impenetrable business babble.

We must all efficiently operationalize our stratgies,” sings Yankovic, before his beautiful, folksy harmonies cocoon around “leveraging core competencies” and “monetising our assets.” Of course, Yankovic always returns to the cornerstone of all nonsensical corporate jargon – “synergy.”

With the Week of Al now at an end, readers can go back and check out the other seven videos in the series, all of which were inspired by tracks on Yankovic’s latest studio effort, Mandatory FunTacky, Word Crimes, Foil, Handy, Sports Song, First World Problems, and Lame Claim To Fame.

Check out all of this week’s new music right here!

Check out all of this week’s new videos right here!

Watch: Weird Al Yankovic – Mission Statement

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