What Happens When The Elderly Listen To Slipknot

Watching elderly people react to things on the internet could almost be considered a pastime, and their reactions to contemporary music are almost always entertaining.

Thankfully, YouTube’s The Fine Brothers have finally exposed their team of brave mature citizens to the twisted world of masked metal-heads Slipknot, with interesting results.

The Fine Brothers’ “Elders React To Slipknot” video (below) was shot after calls from maggots around the world who wanted to see elders squirm in their chairs when confronted by the true weirdness and metal-based mayhem of the Iowa group.

So how do the elders react? “Weird,” they say. “It gives me a headache,” they add. “It sounds like noise to me,” they explain. There’s some redemption, though, with Yehuda, the father of the YouTube channel’s creators, showing his appreciation for the band and for metal in general.

Watch the magic unfold with reactions, question time and bonus footage, below.

Watch: Elders React To Slipknot

Watch: Elders React To Slipknot (Bonus Footage)

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