Here’s What Happened When Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Interviewed Metallica

There’s been a clash of the metal titans in US radio-land, with Slipknot frontman-cum-jock Corey Taylor conducting a blockbuster interview with all four members of Metallica.

The 20-minute chat between the two heavy metal stadium-fillers was taped by CJAY92 and 96.3 The Blaze at Metallica HQ as part of a 90-minute special about the thrashlords’ new album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, which is out right-bloody-hell-now.

Though not yielding any crazy revelations, the whole thing is cool purely just to hear CT fanboying out over Tallica’s new record and talking shop with the band about the recording process.

For instance, when asked by CT about the “sense of loneliness” and “loner vibe” in the single Atlas, Rise!, frontman James Hetfield responds:

“I like what you said about the ‘loner’ thing. And there’s a part of me that loves being a loner — just loves it, and craves it — and that whole lone-wolf attitude, it’s just… it’s so… I don’t know… it’s comforting. But then the other side of that is I’ve got the weight of the world on me, I have to do everything myself and I’m a martyr now and then I become a victim and all of this crap. So you’re right when you say that loner part and the responsilibity around it too. I think that’s kind of… you summed the song up.”

Definitely a must-listen for you heavy metal diehards.

Give the whole thing a crank, and catch some behind-the-scenes footage, below.

Watch: Metallica Interview Hosted by Corey Taylor

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