You Can Now Fall Asleep To The Soothing Sound Of Harry Styles Reading You A Bedtime Story

If you weren’t already dreaming hungrily enough of Harry Styles each night, then here’s a development that’ll rectify that issue quick-smart.

From tomorrow, you’ll be able to fall asleep to the silky tones of your 1D boyf reading you a bedtime story, thanks to a newly-announced collab between Hazza and the meditation app, Calm.

The singer has wrapped his golden vocal chords around a soon-to-be-released sleep story narration entitled Dream with Me, which drops tomorrow (July 8th).

It follows the release of a two-second teaser clip featuring Harry whispering the simple words “Hello, I’m Harry Styles” into your eardrums in tones potent enough to send horny Twitter into a rabid ASMR-induced sexual frenzy.

Listen below or hit up the folks at Calm for a 7-day free trial to #DreamWithHarry right here.

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