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Harry Styles Performing ‘Juice’ Onstage With Lizzo Is The Most Joyous Thing You’ll Watch Today

It’s hard to imagine how exactly you could improve upon the perfection of Lizzo banger ‘Juice’, but adding old mate Harry Styles into the mix is probably a step in the right Direction (sorry).

The former 1D member, still fresh from releasing solo album Fine Line late last year, joined Lizzo at her pre-Superbowl concert at The Fillmore in Miami Beach last Thursday.

Together, the pair performed the hit single from Lizzo’s breakout Cuz I Love You, and honestly? It’s four minutes of total bloody joy.

Lizzo absolutely rocks it like the legend she is, Haz looks like he’s having the time of his life, their synced up dance moves are a total dream, and everyone in the crowd absolutely loses it.

“Make some noise for Harry fuckin’ Styles!” shouts Lizzo at the end of the song.

It’s no secret that that Styles is a fan of Lizzo and ‘Juice’ in particular. Back in December, he covered the verified bop while appearing on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge.

Now that we’re living in a timeline where Lizzo and Styles performing ‘Juice’ together exists, we just need the pair to team up for a studio version. For that matter, a whole album of duets would be just brilliant, thanks.

Watch the collab below.

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