Biffy Clyro

Written by Chris Condoleon

They’re headlining some of the biggest European music festivals and embarking on a UK arena tour, and now Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro are also back with their sixth studio album, entitled Opposites.

The album has already achieved number one status in the UK, making it the first number one for the band, and for good reason. From the opening track to the last, the LP offers a good mixture of sounds, like the effects on the opening track Different People, the fierce guitar riffs and pounding drums on lead single Black Chandelier, and the soft beautiful acoustic number in Opposites. Trumpets open up Spanish Radio, whilst the fast and hard riffing on Stingin’ Belle sounds like a metal number. All in all it’s a very diverse album, but collectively it’s rocking.

Well-renowned for their live sets, these new songs will make fine additions to the setlists and radio playlists all over the world, which Black Chandelier has already done. All the tracks on this recording are big in their different ways and should make an impact worldwide, but specifically in the group’s homeland, with hints of their Scottish background in there.

It’s another good effort from the band that is Simon Neil, James Johnston and Ben Johnston.

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