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Music Feeds Podcast Episode #8 – Pond

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 30, 2013

For the latest episode of Music Feeds’ podcast, we caught up with psychedelic rock maestro and frontman of Perth outfit Pond, Nick Allbrook. On account of collaborations, line up changes and alike, there’s never a dull day for Pond though with their brand new album Hobo Rocket set for release Friday, 2nd August, this was an especially special moment to get time with the band.

By most accounts, the sonic integrity of Pond’s latest offering more than justifies Allbrook’s departure from Tame Impala. Rather than just becoming an offshoot band, Pond has forged their own identity so we spoke to Nick about the initial processes that went into creating the record, what the final outcome was, and his thoughts on their sound and direction.

Of course, those familiar with Pond or Allbrook known full well how difficult it is to stay on topic with the dude, so prepare for some non-sequiturs, and a few lols as well.

Listen to the full thing below, or download it for your future enjoyment here!

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #8 – Pond (Nick Allbrook)

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