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Baby Spotted Crowd Surfing At Glastonbury 2013

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 1, 2013

Had it been a scene from Look Who’s Talking it may have been the pinnacle of western comedy but, unfortunately, this is the RL and seeing your baby off for a crowd surf is most likely considered the pinnacle of creative child abuse. A small, small human being has been snapped cruising high atop the hands of festivalgoers at Glastonbury over the weekend, and it’s safe to say no-one’s laughing.

While The Rolling Stones and Dizzie Rascal performed at the festival’s main stages, a crowd gathered at the Rabbit Hole stage to witness dairy farmer / festival alpha dog Michael Eavis perform a karaoke rendition of Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds. It was now that The Guardian‘s Tim Jonze noticed a baby successfully crowd surfing.

“The baby in question did at least surf with the protection of a baby buggy,” Jonze recalled, “hoisted up, I originally assumed, by parents desperate to immerse their sprog in the most bruising of gig rituals.”

But it didn’t take long for onlookers to express their discomfort. “’Stop!’ screamed the lady next to me when the baby first emerged,” Jonze says. “’I’m sorry, but this is just not right!’ shouted another. But still the baby marched on, the buggy passed from audience member to audience member.”

As the baby got closer to the stage, a local audience member shouted out that its father was actually a member of the The Vodka Jellies Karaoke Band, and the child was planning on visiting dad at work.

Though the baby appeared to be vibing along with all the action, it’s hard to imagine it would have felt the same should the pit collapse beneath it.

Baby crowd-surfer at Glastonbury

(Via Fact Mag)

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