Alison Wonderland Touring Company In Liquidation, After Owing $776,000

A touring company of which producer Alison Wonderland (real name Alexandra Sholler) is a major stakeholder is in the process of being liquidated, after owing over $776,000 to suppliers following Wonderland’s 2017 ‘Scarehouse Project’ tour.

Wonderland Touring Pty Ltd — of which Wonderland is a 50 per cent stakeholder, alongside co-directors and 25 per cent stakeholders Christopher Murray and Garth Crane (who is also Wonderland’s manager) — entered liquidation on 20th June 2018, after being created in July 2017.

According to documents from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), Wonderland Touring Pty Ltd had $75 in its accounts when it entered liquidation, and owed $776,056 to creditors who supplied good and services for the ‘Scarehouse Project’ tour.

According to the documents, Wonderland Touring Pty Ltd owed money to 110 creditors — from security companies to plumbers and equipment suppliers — with each owed between $37 and $70,000 a piece.

Wonderland Touring had also received $95,000 from an insurance claim it made after the Melbourne leg of the ‘Scarehouse Project’ tour was relocated to an indoor venue a day before the event was scheduled to take place, due to severe weather warnings across Victoria.

In a statement to Music Feeds, the co-directors of Wonderland Touring Pty Ltd said they have been “working tirelessly these last few months to settle outstanding supplier balances from this tour”.

“The tour as a whole incurred significant losses, due in large part to extreme weather the weekend of the Victorian event resulting in relocation on very short notice,” they said.

“It is with much reluctance we must now defer to a liquidator to continue this process. Alison Wonderland, whilst an investor, was not a promoter of this tour. She, like we, have invested heavily into the tour both prior and subsequent and incurred significant losses, whilst waiving fees.

“We are very committed to continuing to work in assisting affected suppliers and the liquidator in recovering all outstanding monies to distribute accordingly.”

Ronnie Goldsmith from Sydney company Zoom Plumbing said his company supplied equipment for the Sydney leg of the ‘Scarehouse Project’ tour, but has now changed its practices after not receiving the $3,982 it is owed from Wonderland Touring.

“We have now put into practice that all new clients must pay upfront, even if on behalf of our regular clients,” he said

“We have received information from the liquidators, but we don’t believe that we will receive our outstanding monies. The impact on our business is that we may not choose to offer our services, without a credit check on a new company.

“This will affect our opportunity to promote our services and in turn some clients that may go to another supplier.”

The ‘Scarehouse Project’ tour included shows at secret locations in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney between November and December, featuring Alison Wonderland alongside the likes of A$AP Ferg, Lido, DJ Taco and Lunice.

Alison Wonderland is scheduled to tour Australia between November and December.

UPDATE 21/08/19:

In a statement to Music Feeds, Wonderland Touring Pty Ltd’s liquidators BDO said: “At this stage it is likely there will be a dividend to unsecured creditors. However, as part of any liquidation process, further assessment of the financial situation of the company is taking place.”

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