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Kanye West Tour Dates Postponed Following Truck Accident

Written by Mike Hohnen on November 1, 2013

Kanye West may have pissed off a vengeful and punishing God after he roped in Jesus for an appearance on his Yeezus tour – en route to Vancouver, a truck carrying equipment vital to the show was involved in an accident with the gear being damaged beyond repair.

According to a statement released from camp West, the track was transporting a very important custom-made video truss and a 60-ft circular LED screen, both key elements to the stage show. Rather than delivering a half-assed spectacle, West has decided to slam on the brakes postponing all upcoming shows until the situation has been rectified.

This won’t be an easy duct tape/WD-40 fix-it either. As per the statement, the tour will be sidelined “until these essential pieces can be reengineered and refabricated”. The custom gear was provided by West’s own design firm DONDA.

The affected cities include Vancouver, Denver and Minneapolis, which are yet to be handed new tour dates, suggesting that they will have to wait a while longer – perhaps until the end of the current dates – before Kanye ends his 5-year headlining tour drought in their region.

Full statement below.

“Yesterday, on the road to Vancouver, a truck carrying The Yeezus Tour’s custom-made video truss and 60-ft circular LED screen was in an accident that damaged the gear beyond repair.

This gear is central to the staging of The Yeezus Tour, and central to the creative vision put forth by Kanye West and his design team at DONDA.

As a result of this event, it is impossible to put on the show and The Yeezus Tour will be postponed until these essential pieces can be reengineered and refabricated.

Kanye West will not compromise on bringing the show, as it was originally envisioned and designed, to his fans.

The Vancouver, Denver and Minneapolis dates have been postponed. Further details on the affected tour dates will be announced shortly.”

(Via Pitchfork)

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