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Rainbow Serpent Festival To Go Ahead

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 21, 2013

Organisers behind Rainbow Serpent Festival, and indeed everyone here at Music Feeds, are super stoked to announce that the 5-day festival will be going ahead this year. As it turns out, after a few very stressful days for all concerned, Pyrenees Shire Council has granted the necessary permits for the show to go on.

Word came through via the event’s official Facebook page very recently, putting to rest the concerns of ticketholders who are expected to begin filling into Rainbow Serpent Festival in just four days time.

According to the post, “council and emergency services” re-evaluated Rainbow Serpent’s application, which had been denied late last week following the withdrawal of their fire and medical services provider, raising serious doubt towards the safety of the festival in the eyes of Ambulance Victoria and Regional CFA.

But we can now report that it’s all good. Rainbow Serpent have had their Places of Public Entertainment (POPE) permit approved and organisers have promised the best damn event in the brand’s history for their “army of fans who gave nothing but support and encouragement when we needed it most”.

The festival has also warned of potential ticketing scams after it was discovered that people were selling their tickets off through Gumtree and similar services. Make sure to follow the link and read up if you think you may have been stung.

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