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Rainbow Serpent Festival 2013 Looking Doubtful

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 17, 2013

Tone Deaf were quick to pick up on a rather alarming announcement made on behalf of Rainbow Serpent Festival organisers explaining that the 2013 event has suffered a major setback due to red tape.

According to the statement, organisers were denied a Places of Public Entertainment (POPE) permit from the Pyrneness Council, who maintain the regional Victoria area where the event is held. The council apparently blocked the move after it was deemed that the festival had failed to meet relevant safety and statutory requirements.

It was explained that Ambulance Victoria and Regional CFA were not confident in the event after the departure of their fire and medical services provider last Monday.

Tragedy struck Rainbow Serpent Festival 2012 after a young male punter died following a drug overdose . Their safety policies have been thoroughly revised since then, though Pyrenees Shire mayor Michael O’Connor has told The Couier that the two issues are not related.

“It’s a completely separate issue…Obviously the death at the festival and the increased size of the festival year after year are all issues that need to be addressed, but at the end of the day the loss of the original (fire and medical services) provider and the inability to substantiate the criteria of the new provider were key.”

“We had no confidence in the new provider and the agencies weren’t prepared to support it,” he adds.

All hope is not lost for the 5-day festival, which boasts an array of stages with a collection of DJs and producers across all of them, as organisers are yet to give up:

“We are currently following through with appeal processes and will not give up in trying to reach out to the Pyrenees Council and authorities and hope with the support of our amazing, passionate community, the sculptures will be built, the lights will be turned on, the workshops will be held and we can once again dance together at our stunning home in Lexton.”

You can read the full statement here. Stay tuned for updates.

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