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Seraphim Ward Releases Statement Refuting Marilyn Manson ‘Engagement Claim’

Written by Marc Zanotti on January 14, 2013

Seraphim Ward has issued a statement regarding Marilyn Manson’s intention to sue the 29-year-old independent filmmaker and self-described ‘rock vixen’ over claims that Ward announced she was engaged to Manson.

According to Manson’s camp, Ward was falsely circulating news of the engagement as a publicity stunt. Now in a statement sent out by her publicist Domenick Nati from Nati Celebrity Services Inc, Ward says that she never claimed to be engaged to Manson.

In her statement, Ward writes that it was her former publicist Jonathan Jaxson who allegedly spread the engagement rumours. Ward also claims that Manson is aware she did not inform any media outlets that the two were engaged, but rather Manson’s vendetta comes from Ward speaking about Manson losing his house due to a lawsuit filed in 2007 by Manson’s former keyboard player Stephen Bier Jr aka ‘Pogo’ Madonna Wayne Gacy.

Manson’s camp has also accused Ward of labelling Manson “a racist Nazi sympathizer”. According to Ward’s statement, she sought assistance from TMZ, but the celebrity news website allegedly turned her story in favour of Manson.

Wards states that the ensuing scandal effectively ended her relationship with Wayne Gracy, and that she now seeks to restore her previously untarnished reputation.

Read: Excerpts from Seraphim Ward’s Statement:

This is Seraphim Ward and I saw the report you did … I have never said to any magazine or publication that I was engaged to Marilyn Manson and he knows this. The rumor was put out from my X-Publicist Jonathan Jaxson in which he told Manson his name was never mentioned by me and that I am with and have been with Pogo Madonna Wayne Gacy his x-bandmate.

I have been harassed by Manson and his camp for months now taunting me and my career, because there was a phone conversation that I had with Manson and Tony on the day of the scandal where Marilyn Manson revealed that he had lost his house because of Pogo after the lawsuit they had in 2007 … he went on raving about a lot of things that I had no idea I was not suppose to repeat. No one told me that, that was a private conversation.

In April Jonathan Jaxson after Manson had threatened to sue him for what he had done and Manson stressed he knew it was him, because you can’t get that kind of coverage without a press release. My x-publicist sent ablast e-mail out to the media saying not to take my side of the story …

It is clearly reported that it was Jonathan Jaxson from Life & Style magazine who put the story out.

The editor Heidi of Life & Style Magazine on the day of the scandal spoke with me and said she had no idea the story was fake and she could not believe Jonathan Shelton who is actually Jonathan Jaxson lied to her about the story, she mentioned if she knew it was Jonathan Jaxson she would have never taken the story because they all know he creates scandal … He is the same publicist who did the very same thing to Kim Kardashian just Months before I hired him as a Publicist and he change his last name from Jaxson to Sheldon.

The editor of Life&Style said she tried to E-mail me through my website to ask me if I was engaged to Marilyn Manson to confirm my x publicist report and when I didn’t get back to her in time she just went ahead and ran the story …

I never confirmed or said I was engaged to Marilyn Manson and I did really like Madonna Wayne Gacy enough to move him in with me in my Hollywood Hills home and we were happy and planning for our future together… I hate this whole thing happened and destroyed my life and my spotless reputation.

I have gotten death threats from his fans as well as my house in Hollywood Hills broken into and two of my black cats killed … Every-time I give a interview about my career Manson harasses the editors because they asked me about the scandal and I told the truth of what happened I have never said nor reported to anyone I was engaged to Marilyn Manson and I lost a person I really cared about because the scandal got to much to handle due to the negative way it took causing me and to Pogo/Madonna Wayne Gacy to split up four months later after the scandal.

I have asked Manson many times to leave me alone and he has not nor his Camp, so TMZ reached out to help me since they did not publish my story the first time around when they said they would and they wanted to put out what they are doing to me.

I sent TMZ the letter from Marilyn Manson attempt to sue, because he said I said he was a Nazi Racist and he lost his house … TMZ said they would help and called Manson and his Camp and then put the story out and made it look like as if it was Marilyn Manson reporting when it was actually ME. I got the letter over a month ago, so this tells a lot!

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