Image for Vampire Weekend Post Cryptic ‘MVOTC’ Message… New Album Title?

Vampire Weekend Post Cryptic ‘MVOTC’ Message… New Album Title?

Written by Kiel Egging on February 2, 2013

Vampire Weekend fans have gone into speculation overdrive over an acronym that has surfaced on the band’s website and Tumblr pages – ‘MVOTC’.

MVOTC is written in small text on the bottom right hand corner of a flash introduction page on their official website, with the page alternating between two different slides.

The first has an image of what looks like a painting of castaways in a boat (album cover art?) along with the message “LP3 Complete”.

It then jumps over to an image of the band and the message, “May 6/7” as a follow-up.

Meanwhile, things get even more cryptic on their Tumblr page, with a set of Roman numerals gradually appearing across four lines. The numerals end up depicting facts from the album and the release date – as set out below:

‘V W




X L’

The band have also teased a ‘MVOTC’ hashtag on their Twitter account.

As well as being linked to the album title, NME reckon the acronym could also be linked to the Martha’s Vineyard area of Massachusetts, where some of the band’s forthcoming album was recorded.

Vampire Weekend recently toured Australia as part of the Big Day Out – previewing a few new tracks from the record alongside hits from their back catalogue.

Below are a series of tweets from fans speculating on just what ‘MVOTC’ means. No doubt we’ll get the full story soon.

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