Review: Sarah McLeod

96% Love Songbook EP
October 22, 2013

Sarah McLeod was the face of one of Australia’s great rock bands for 10 years, The Superjesus. Since they parted ways several years ago, she has been busying herself with a solo career as well as a brief reunion tour earlier this year. The solo career continues, however, with her latest EP 96% Love Songbook.

Sarah is now far from the radio-rock sound of The Superjesus and since the band called it quits has dabbled in pop, dance, electro and acoustic rock. This new EP is an interesting, diminutive beast, swelling with gentle acoustic rock, and a slightly jazzy aftertaste.

Opener Scouts Honour is a laid-back acoustic track with soothing harmonies evoking an almost ’60s sound. Second track Get Your Stroke On isn’t actually an ode to masturbation like the title might suggest — though it might be — and is fine toe-tapper, which points to a hitherto untapped sound from Sarah. Similarly, the following track, In The Mood, sounds like a cover of a bluesy Bonnie Raitt ballad.

The Greatest Pretender is a doo-wop cracker that wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of Happy Days. The EP’s highlight is closer The Business, a galloping train of rock n’ roll goodness. There’s also a short hidden track, a gentle piano ballad that belongs in a quiet jazz bar somewhere––really quite lovely.

96% Love Songbook sounds as though Sarah is testing the waters. If it does well, an album will surely follow, though perhaps one is already on the cards. Whatever the outcome, fans can only hope Sarah continues with along this path as it will no doubt command a considerable amount of attention around the country.

Sarah McLeod’s 96% Love Songbook EP is slated for release on Monday, 28th October.

Listen: Sarah McLeod – 96% Love Songbook