Listen: Dan Zilber – Five 2011 Aus Releases You Need to Know About

It’s December, and time to cast our ears back through an aural journey on the year that was 2011. So we spoke to one guy who knows his Sydney music, Dan Zilber, FBi Radio’s music director, about his choicest cuts of Australian releases this year.

If you were left with a strangely empty stomach following last week’s saccharine ARIA awards, then this is the list of 2011 low-GI must-haves that you’ve been craving.

Royal Headache, Royal Headache

An authentically excellent record. A garage vocalist who can sing. Lo-fi tunes with melody. A rare and special record.

Listen to Down the Lane:

[mf_audio track=]

Oscar + Martin, For You

My favourite pop record of the year. Progressive and bent, but incredibly listen-able, engaging and catchy.

Listen to Do The Right Thing:

[mf_audio track=]

Jonti, Twirligig

This debut album delivered on the promise of a unique and exciting new talent and highlights that Jonti is only just getting started.

Listen to Hornet’s Nest (live):

[mf_audio track=]

Megastick Fanfare, Grit Aglow

Probably the most under rated album of the year for me. Dynamic, swirling, epic and just awesome.

Listen to June Strangelets:

[mf_audio track=]

Collarbones, The Ghostship (pictured, live)

The most unlikely club hits of the year and yet another example of Australians making music as good as (if not better than) their contemporaries around the world.

Listen to Janelle Mornay:

[mf_audio track=]

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