Listen: Alan McGee Responds To Sony Warehouse Fire Controversy

In an interview today with Music Feeds in Brisbane, Australia, Alan McGee has responded to the criticism he has received from the English media in the aftermath of comments he made about the Sony Warehouse fire earlier this week at the Bigsound Conference.

Speaking from the bar at his hotel, he refused to apologise, stating :

At the end of the day I couldn’t give a fuck because I can’t stand Sony … As I’ve said though, that’s what I think. I hate Sony, if the Sony building burnt to the ground again as it did, I’d say that was a result, I think it’s funny. Loads of shit music getting burned, I think it’s great, and I’m sorry if that’s not popular and if that’s not PC, but fuck PC, that’s what’s ruined England, not being able to say what you think; sorry, but I do, and if you don’t like it go fuck yourself.

Alan McGee talking about the criticism

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McGee is outraged by the British media’s failure to acknowledge his opinion on how his comments have been received, stating he feels his words have been taken out of context.

The British media have tried to ignore what I think. They took the statement, they weren’t even there; come down here and basically take what I said out of context, which was basically taken from 5 or 10 seconds from a 30 minute chat, but I don’t back off it, there’s loads of shit music and if it get’s burned so what?

His comments come off the back of Sony and PIAS having appealed to music fans around the world to support emerging artists who’s music had been destroyed in the fire by purchasing music online. However, the labels themselves have faced criticism over manipulating the public’s compassion when they may stand to make even more money when the insurance claim and increased digital sales are weighed up together.

Edwin Shroter, the managing director of PIAS, has previously denied accusations that labels could profit from the incident. “This will not be the case of course. We are still dealing with the insurers about the coverage, but they will most likely cover the replacement costs, i.e. manufacturing costs of lost stock. Definitely not retail value.”

When asked about the issue of the insurance claim, McGee responded:

Bullshit! There’s no way the insurance won’t pay and these guys will definitely get their money back and it’s wrong they plead for Sympathy.

In the end though, McGee is adamant to point out the absurdity of the situation in his eyes, distancing himself from the industry all together.

I’m not in the industry, look they paid me thousands to come, and I came and talked and I was honest, and people get angry and then they wonder why I don’t want to be a part of the music industry … The great thing about this thing is it shows you how mental it all is, I made one statement and now it’s gone all around the world, it’s absurd.

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