Loki Confirmed As Marvel’s First On-Screen Bisexual Character

One small quip for Loki, one giant leap for the MCU.

Fans are losing it (in a good way) over the latest ep of the Marvel series Loki on Disney+, where (spoiler alert) the god of mischief comes out as bisexual.

The revelation happens onscreen during a convo between Tom Hiddleston’s Loki character and Sylvie, a female variant of himself (welcome to the multiverse).

In a scene where the pair are discussing their romantic history, Sylvie muses, “Must’ve been would–be–princesses, or perhaps, another prince.”

To which Loki coolly responds, “A bit of both, I suspect the same as you”.

A casual quip, but a nonetheless monumental moment for Marvel, marking this as the studio’s first on-screen moment of bisexual representation.

…Something, it turns out, was very important to series director, Kate Herron:

To add to the weight of the moment, the scene is also lit up with the colours of the bisexual pride flag: purple, blue and pink.

And you can bet fans took note:

Of course, the onscreen revelation will come as no surprise to fans of the comic books, where Loki is both openly bisexual and gender fluid.

Hiddleston recently said that he was “really pleased” with the onscreen representation of Loki, telling Reuters  that his gender has “always been there in the mythology, [and] it’s been there in the comics”.

He added: “Loki, as a character, has had such a broad and wide-ranging identity. He’s always been a character you could never put in a box, you could never pin down.”

Episode 4 of the series hits Disney+ tomorrow.

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