Blessed Are The Obsessed: Endless Heights – Living Up To Their Name

So many young bands these days sit back and rely on their talent, on its own, to get them places. Fuck that. Everyones talented these days all you have to do is check out Youtube to see who you’re up against. Endless Heights on the other hand are talented enough to know if they want to get things done, they are going to have to do it themselves. A mixture of intimidating talent and a solid work ethic has seen these Sydney youngsters kick off with unparalleled support the Dream Strong 2011 tour. Just one event of many for a band who, seem to be living up to their name.

I thought i’d check in with lead vocalist Joel Mortarana for a bit of a catch up.

Blessed Are The Obsessed: So, How did it all begin?

Joel Mortarana: Just over three years ago, and after playing in several high school Metalcore bands, guitarist Jem confided in me a vision to start what we hoped would one day be a professional touring band. From there we took steps pretty slowly until I forced Jem to ask our best friend Chich to play guitar along side us. Once that happened we found ourselves busier and busier with writing songs we loved and welcomed Matty J and Diaz in to be a part of it all. We were slow with finding members and very, very picky, but all those guys have been the best decisions the band has ever made, I can’t imagine our music without them. After a year or so we changed our lineup’s name to Endless Heights and found our more melodic hardcore/punk style. Its been an amazing run so far, and it all comes back to that moment in Jem’s house when everything changed. Once he asked me to be a part of something fully serious I spent the next three years of school working hard and day dreaming about this band, and I’d like to think now that we are so much closer to our initial dream, as we are currently having an awesome time on our DREAM STRONG EP tour.

BATO: What bands have influenced you guys the most?

JM: I think everyone in the band draws influence from many different bands, but the most direct and obvious bands that can be heard in our sounds include bands like Balance and Composure, More than Life and Title Fight. I love bands with a ‘sing-a-long’ sort of vibes and they definitely influence the heart of the songs, but we also draw influence from heavier acts alongside those more melodic bands.

BATO: Whats the best part so far of being in a band?

JM: For me being in a band has so many awesome elements to it that I am forever grateful for. Recently I’ve really enjoyed the ability to meet so many new and interesting people, making more and more friends and staying at friends of friends houses whilst on tour, and becoming close friends. I have a deep love for forging new friendships and music seems to be such a good avenue for this love to keep growing. Being in a band to me is such a huge privilege and I’ll always see it that way.

BATO: Hardcore is a genre thats seen better days though you guys are killing it! Whats your secret?

JM: Haha well we hope that others agree on you there! At the heart of what we do has always been a desire to play music we personally love, and it tends to be music that we feel isn’t done enough. Keep it passionate and keep it real and people of all musical tastes will tend to support it.

BATO: Whats been the worst thing so far?

JM: Worst thing so far is when my dreams to constantly tour are faced with my current commitments to university. However with good planning it hasn’t been a big problem yet and I owe that to our manager Oliver Caition from Strikehard bookings, and for his consistent assurances that “it will all work out, don’t worry”.

BATO: The Dream Strong tour has just kicked off, whats are you looking forward to the most about being on the road?

JM: The Dream Strong tour has been absolutely amazing as of yet! What I have enjoyed most so far and continue to look forward to is meeting up with friends in other states and cities that I haven’t seen or heard much of since we last came through. More than that though is that I’m really excited to share the songs that we have just spent a lot of time and money on making, I’m really proud of this CD and hope that as many people as possible can get to hear it or see us play it live. Lyrically it reveals more of my heart than ever and that both scares and excites me. All in all its the most honest I’ve ever been in my song writing and I’m excited to see how it will be received!

BATO: Most essential item while on tour?

JM: My mum got me to by a little rug thing that inflates to about 7cm for me to sleep on while on tour. Its the best investment I’ve ever made and it has made sleeping on the floor so comfortable! I owe her on that one, waking up feeling refreshed instead of stiff has made touring so much easier for me!

BATO: What’s 2012 got in store for you cats?

JM: We hope to be touring on and off all throughout 2012. Now that we have a solid release under our belt we hope to get it out to as many people as possible, and also plan to release another CD sometime next year. If things continue to grow and pick up as they have been we hope to extensively tour with some of our favourite Australian and international acts. Anything is possible and the thought of 2012 and a new year for us really excites me. I just want to make more and more awesome memories with the band who I’m lucky to have as my best friends.

BATO: When and where can we check you out next?

JM: Catch us on the remainder of the DREAM STRONG tour! We play a whole heap of Sydney shows within the next two weeks that we are really excited for, without our loyal Sydney friends this band would be nothing. Otherwise we are playing a string of shows soon to be announced for January, including the Hope out West Fest in Bathurst which looks like a show that won’t be forgotten.

You can catch the lads at any of these shows!

Friday 25th November – Hermanns Bar Sydney (EP LAUNCH SHOW) 18+

W/ Iron Mind, Sex Wizard, Warbrain, Civil War, Legions.

Tickets available on the door.

Friday 2nd December – East Brunswick Club, Melbourne 18+

W/ Hopeless, Iron Mind, Thorns (First Show)

Tickets available on the door.

Saturday 3rd December – Karova Lounge, Ballarat 18+

W/ Dream On Dreamer, Good Will Hunting.

Tickets available on the door.

Sunday 4th December – Collingwood Masonic Hall, Melbourne AA

W/Hopeless, Iron Mind, Warbrain, Bear Witness, Civil War, Free World

Tickets available on the door.

Wednesday 7th December – The Great Northern, Newcastle 18+

W/ Supports TBA

Tickets available on the door.

Friday 9th December – Morningside School Of Arts, Brisbane AA

W/ Supports TBA

Tickets available on the door.

Saturday 10th December – Fat Louies, Brisbane 18+

W/ Driven Fear, The Fevered, Safe Hands, Mindset, Chapters (First Show)

Tickets available on the door.

Sunday 11th December – CWA Hall, Toowoomba AA

W/Sienna Skies, Built On Secrets, Sound Of Seasons, Blessed Are None, Mindset, Chapters.Wednesday 14th December – Bar 32, Canberra 18+

W/Supports TBA

Tickets available on the door.

Friday 16th December – Chatswood Youth Centre, Sydney AA

W/ One Vital Word, Fixtures, Perspectives, Clipped Wings (First Show)

Tickets available on the door.

Saturday 17th December (Day) – LOUD FEST 2, Annandale Hotel, Sydney AA

W/ 50 Lions, Hopeless, Relentless, The Bride, The Turning Tide and many more.

Tickets from Oztix on 1300 762 545, www.oztix.com.au

and Oztix Outlets

Saturday 17th December (Night) – SFX, St James Hotel, Sydney 18+

W/ Hopeless, One Vital Word, Hearts Like Wolves.

Say Endless Heights on the door for cheaper entry.

Sunday 18th December – Unanderra Community Centre, Wollongong AA

W/ Supports TBA

Tickets available on the door.

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