Music Feeds Podcast Episode #59 – Blessthefall

Arizona’s metalcore sons Blessthefall have enjoyed a long and healthy relationship with Aussie audiences in the past. Known for their roof-raising performances, they’ve made their way down under for a heap of festivals and their own headlining runs, wowing crowds with their infamous Sprinkler Of Death.

Before they gear up to head back down south as headlining acts for the annual Boys Of Summer tour, super-stoked guitarist Eric Lambert called in from his Arizona home to chat with our Mike Hohnen about his vacation plans, writing Blessthefall’s cracker of a record Hollow Bodies and to wax lyrical about our fair nation.

“It’s seriously like a vacation for us, touring Australia is such a treat. When they say ‘hey guys we’re going back to Australia,’ we’re like ‘thank god,'” said the supper giddy Lambert. “There are so many bands that I’m sure say to you guys all the time, Australia’s one of the coolest places in the world and we’re definitely very lucky we’re able to come down there for a fourth time.”

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