Music Feeds Podcast Episode #116: Jamie T

Jamie T will be returning to Australian shores in January 2015 for his first Aussie tour in almost six years. The English muso, who released his third studio album Carry On The Grudge in September, recently spoke to Music Feeds Podcast about his forthcoming Australian dates and the process behind his newest release.

Jamie T and his band are set to play four headline shows down under next year, and the singer-songwriter is already picking up on good vibes from his Aussie fans. “Everyone seems to be really excited, and it’s great for us to know that people still want to see us play,” Jamie said.

Despite having gone from playing 300 capacity venues to playing 10,000 capacity venues in the space of a few years, Jamie admitted that he still gets nervous before a tour. “I try not to think about it until the day the gig’s on,” he explained.

Discussing Carry On The Grudge – you know, the album with the Courtney Barnett references – Jamie noted that the album “kind of came out of nowhere” after he realised that he had slowly been building up a collection of strong new tracks.

“I went from not really doing much with my days but going to the studio to suddenly people being like ‘How are you going to tour this?'” Jamie revealed. “It all so rapidly kicked into motion.”

View Jamie T’s 2015 Australian tour dates in full, below.

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Jamie T 2015 Australian Tour Dates

Tickets on sale now

Wednesday, 21st January 2015

Metro Theatre, Sydney

Tickets: Metro Theatre, Love Police

Friday, 23rd January 2015

Hi Fi Bar And Ballroom, Brisbane

Tickets: The Hi Fi, Love Police

Saturday, 24th January 2015

Forum Theatre, Melbourne

Tickets: Forum Theatre, Love Police

Monday, 26th January 2015

Astor Theatre, Perth

Tickets: Astor Theatre Love Police

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