Music Feeds Podcast Episode #17 – Allday

A prodigy of the Australian hip hop movement, Allday has just about every MC in the country cautiously looking over their shoulder. With an endless stream of new material, the dude has proven his skills in the studio, and proven his skills on stage with a constant live presence. Touring in support of Illy this month, Music Feeds put Allday to the coals for the latest episode of our podcast.

Content is king in the online world, something Allday has well and truly cottoned onto. Regularly releasing remixes, EPs and the odd mixtape, we got to talking about where he looks for inspiration, and how much suggestions from fans influence where he heads next.

Rapidly outgrowing the label of local artist, Allday has had more than his fair share of high profile supports, the most recent of which being Yelawolf. We had a bit of a chat about that tour and, of course, what we can expect in the near future from the one and only Chubby Boy – including that long-awaited debut full-length, tentatively scheduled for some time in 2014.

Check out the full interview below, or download it for your podcasting pleasure right here.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #17 – Allday

Allday Australian tour dates

Supporting Illy

Friday, 13th September

Oh Hello!, Brisbane

Saturday, 14th September

Metro Theatre, Sydney

Friday, 20th September

Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Saturday, 21st September

Sprung Festival, Brisbane

Friday, 27th September

The Gov, Adelaide

Saturday, 28th September

Villa, Perth

Sunday, 29th September

Prince of Wales, Bunbury

Thursday, 10th October

Sprung Festival, Melbourne

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