Music Feeds Podcast Episode #41 – A Day To Remember

Floridian rockers A Day To Remember will soon be in the country, touring as part of Soundwave 2014. With the band enjoying some downtime before those mega dates, our own Mike Hohnen caught up with vocalist Jeremy McKinnon for the latest Music Feeds Podcast.

The band’s fifth studio album, Common Courtesy, which the band fought tooth and nail to release themselves, is due out soon and Jeremy gave us the scoop that the band will be touring “the whole Earth, a lot,” telling us that the band have big plans for this record cycle, beyond Common Courtesy.

“You’ll see us a lot on this album, we’re gonna do a lot of stuff with you guys, and for the most part, we will be free and clear of any kind of limitations, legally. We can legitimately do anything we want as a band, so expect a lot from us this album cycle,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy also took the opportunity to gush about his and the rest of A Day To Remember’s love for Australia and their long-standing love affair with Soundwave Festival: “That’s like our best place to tour in the whole fuckin’ world…[Soundwave] is the best touring festival on the planet.”

Readers can check out episode #41 of Music Feeds Podcast with A Day To Remember, below.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #41 – A Day To Remember (Jeremy McKinnon)

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