Music Feeds Podcast Episode #56 – PEZ

Melbourne MC Pez, known to his mum as Perry Chapman, is about to start making waves on the Aussie festival circuit but before the festival assult commences he managed to find some theoretic downtime to chat with Music Feeds’ very own Mike Hohnen for our latest episode of Music Feeds Podcast.

Pez candidly revealed to Music Feeds how his previous tendancies to over-think things affected his work and that the long break he took from music changed his writing process. “All that overthinking and all that straining didn’t achieve much,” he explained. “In that moment where I kind of let go, you find that those beautiful things come through, because there’s not something in the way holding it all up. It’s able to just stream though. That’s the most beautiful feeling in the world.”

Of his new record, due out early next year, Pez revealed, “I feel more mature in a lot of ways and in certain songs I really feel like I’ve tapped into that connection and channeled the right stuff, like it feels quite a bit more evolved and I’m real proud of it in that sense.”

The rapper also spoke about collaborating with other Australian rock icons like going to Paul Kelly‘s house to write a song from scratch and an unlikely pairing with Something For Kate‘s Paul Dempsey. “The lyrics that I wrote, he just kind of connected with them and loved them and wanted to do them,” said Pez of Dempsey. “That was pretty surreal as well.”

Pez promised a whole bunch of other surprises on his new album Don’t Look Down, set for release early next year. We’ll keep you updated on the news as it happens.

You can listen to the full interview below, and check out our entire series of podcasts right here!

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