Music Feeds Podcast Episode #9 – Asking Alexandria

With their brand new album From Death To Destiny expected to drop Friday, 9th August, things are about to once again go into full swing for UK lads Asking Alexandria. While making the most of some downtime in the US before hitting the highways for a tour, guitarist Ben Bruce was decent enough to phone into Music Feeds to fill us in on all the goss.

We’ve heard the first single The Death Of Me from the new album already, with fans notice some glaring changes in the band’s sonic arsenal as they venture into a more mature phase of their career. This change is something the band, and their fans, have grown accustomed to; Ben explained that if you look closely, their previous two albums demonstrate serious amounts of growth and progression in their own right.

The massive differences between their debut Stand Up And Scream and From Death To Destiny were a hot topic of conversation. Ben explained just what it’s like to listen to the tracks he wrote when he was just 17 living in Dubai. Of course, the next Australian tour from the band was bound to be discussed and the good news is it’s locked in for early 2014. Ben was canny enough to neither confirm nor deny whether the visit was a headlining run or a Soundwave 2014 appearance, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Enjoy the full interview below right now, or download it here for your future podcasting pleasure.

Music Feeds Podcast Episode #9 – Asking Alexandria (Ben Bruce)

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