Music Feeds Podcast Episode #94: The Bohicas

Essex outfit The Bohicas are keeping themselves very busy, having dropped their debut self-titled EP just last month and remarkably made their maiden voyage to Australia on the back of just a handful of tunes and a video featuring two of their songs, XXX and Swarm.

“Urgency was definitely a port of call,” explain the band when we caught up with them for the latest Music Feeds Podcast. “We pretty much did the video really quickly after we started The Bohicas and then from there it’s gone strength to strength.”

“It’s quite an ambitious thing,” they continue. “We had two songs and one video and it’s quite a big ask to watch a seven minute long video in the YouTube era and people have been doing it. Over half a million people…I think that’s what helped get us here.”

Not content to rest on their laurels, the indie rockers say they’ve nearly finished their debut album, and are currently “putting the glitter on it”. The DIY-ers also revealed that they plan on creating the cover art themselves and while they can’t confirm a release date yet, they don’t think we’ll have very long to wait.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #94: The Bohicas

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