PREMIERE: Melbourne Female Artist Compilation LP ‘FRONTWOMXN’ Launches With Fiery Porpoise Spit Track

Introducing FRONTWOMXN, a new compilation album initiative aiming to give kickass Aussie female artists a leg-up in their careers.

The project recruited 10 emerging non-male-fronted bands from Melbourne and gave them access to a studio to professionally record an original song each for the forthcoming FRONTWOMXN compilation record.

“Featuring the likes of alternative rockers FaceFace, art punks Cracker La Touf, Jazz aficionados Silicon Valley, and dreamy folk rockers Yukumbabe, plus many more, it’s a showcase of the best unheard, up-and-coming creative womxn out there!” a statement from Frontwomxn Records reads.

“After all the recent talk about gender diversity in music… there’s never been a better time to show your support for local emerging female acts. It’s time to start listening to the music womxn are making!”

Today, Music Feeds are stoked to premiere the first song off the LP, Porpoise Spit’s sassy ‘2SXC4THASPRMRKT’ (that’s pronounced ‘Too Sexy For The Supermarket’ for those playing at home).

“2SXC incorporates our zest for humour and our disdain for sexual harassment, we’re the kind of band that can go from tragic to comedic in seconds,” the group explain.

“2SXC is [also] our drummer’s favourite because he gets to scream in the middle before [vocalist/guitarist] Mill shreds up a storm.”

“Working with FRONTWOMXN was amazing. Having a label that cares so much about empowering women and non-binary people in music so important for the progression of our industry,” they continue. “Also they got us off our asses to actually record something.”

Give the track a spin below, and you can head to the official FRONTWOMXN launch party going down at Melbourne’s The Toff In Town on Sunday, 4th February.

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