PREMIERE: Perth Indie-Pop Artist RHY Teases ‘Dumb Funk’ EP with ‘For Real’

Perth solo artist RHY will release the new single, ‘For Real’, this Thursday, 23rd June. It’s the latest single taken from RHY’s upcoming debut EP, Dumb Funk, and we’re premiering it on Music Feeds.

‘For Real’ is RHY’s first release since ‘Right In Front Of Me’ in December 2021. That track was RHY’s third single of 2021, having debuted with ‘Full Grown’ last March. ‘I Just Don’t Get It’ followed in July and each track showcased RHY’s taste for sounds at the intersection of indie, electronic and pop music.

RHY – ‘For Real’

RHY’s music inhabits similar terrain to The Jungle Giants, Remi Wolf, Honne, and Toro y Moi. Triple j producer Abby Butler approves of the combination. “If I was a Jungle Giants loving fish, you’d have reeled me in hook, line and freakin’ sinker from that very first glitchy, colourful moment,” Butler said in a four-star review of ‘I Just Don’t Get It’.

‘For Real’ was one of the earliest tracks written for RHY’s upcoming Dumb Funk EP, but it required some extra effort to meet RHY’s standards.

“I ended up writing it as a kind of follow-up to my debut single ‘Full Grown’,” said RHY. “Where ‘Full Grown’ is about being oblivious to love, ‘For Real’ is about embracing it. I’m an over-thinker through and through and that’s definitely expressed itself navigating a relationship.”

The production on ‘For Real’ skews towards modern R&B. “It’s not what I normally go for but it kinda just happened that way,” RHY said. “I was listening to a lot of Honne and Kaytranada around that time which seeped in a bit, I think.”

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