PREMIERE: West Australia Rockers The Gusset Capture The Summer With ‘Something Good’

Mandurah four-piece The Gusset’s latest single ‘Something Good’ is an energetic yet blissed out meditation, following on from previous tracks ‘Lost in Light’ and ‘Disconnect’.

Pairing psych-pop guitar hooks with infectious melodies, the lyrics of ‘Something Good’ take an inward and reflective look at human relationships – and their pitfalls – with a kind of self-awareness that belies the deceptively chill textures they’re foregrounded in.

“‘Something Good’ follows a storyline a little too familiar for many listeners. Diving into the desire to form a relationship, though despite your best efforts, you can just never get it right,” say the band about their latest release.

“The lyrics layer overthinking, frustration and self-doubt. The track spirals to a close with the realisation that once the time has passed, you can’t help but reflect on where it all went wrong and what could have been something good.”

The Gusset will be celebrating ‘Something Good’ with a hometown launch show at Aardvark, Fremantle on Saturday, 7th December. They’ll be joined by locals Technicolour Dream Machine, Teen Angst and Mt. Everest. Tickets are available here via Eventbrite.

Listen to ‘Something Good’ below.

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