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Allison Ponthier Releases New Single And Music Video For ‘Skin’

American singer Allison Ponthier is back with her latest single, “Skin,” released via Interscope Records. The song delves into themes of obsession and insecurity. Accompanying the release is a wonderfully campy video featuring Ponthier alongside Independent Spirit Award-nominated actor Suzanna Son.

“Skin” came to life after Ponthier attended a concert by one of her favourite artists. She left the show feeling a mix of admiration and jealousy, which inspired the song’s lyrics. What started as a ballad turned into a catchy chorus featuring the haunting line, “I wanna wear your skin,” capturing the real yet uncomfortable feeling of envy.

Allison Ponthier – ‘Skin’

Co-written by Allison Ponthier, Casey Smith, and Gian Stone, “Skin” showcases Ponthier’s ability to transform messy emotions into irresistible pop tunes. The song explores feelings of inadequacy and envy with breezy rhythms, dreamy guitar tones, and airy harmonies, all while maintaining a balance between introspection and humor.

Allison Ponthier explains, “I’m really attracted to writing songs that explore my weaknesses, and the challenge of ‘Skin’ was to create something that gave a voice to my inner saboteur, I wanted to talk about feeling like you’re not good enough — which is something that every single person goes through — but to do it in a way that’s got some levity and feels upbeat and fun.”

Directed by Julian Buchan, the video for “Skin” adds a Single White Female-inspired twist to the narrative. Ponthier portrays a lonely misfit seeking a roommate, who becomes increasingly obsessed with her effortlessly cool housemate. With elements of psychodrama, magical realism, and campy humour.

Fans can listen to “Skin” here and can enjoy the blend of catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics from Allison Ponthier.

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