PREMIERE: ‘Part of You Wants to Believe Me’ Feels Like a Classic They Might Be Giants Song

Iconic, idiosyncratic alt-rockers They Might Be Giants are currently readying their 23rd (!!!) studio album, BOOK. The record is set to arrive next month, and, as the title suggests, will be released alongside a 144-page hardcover art book in addition to usual audio formats. The project is a collaboration between the band, graphic designer Paul Sahre and Brooklyn-based street photographer Brian Karlsson

The band have already previewed BOOK with a string of singles throughout the year – ‘Super Cool’, ‘I Can’t Remember the Dream’, ‘I Lost Thursday’ and ‘I Broke My Own Rule’. Today, we’re thrilled to be handling the Australian premiere of the latest, a characteristically buoyant cut titled ‘Part of You Wants to Believe Me’.

The new song is anchored by fuzzy retro synths and a driving power-pop rhythm. It’s about as close to vintage TMBG as you can get, with earworm melodies aplenty and the kind of wry, playful lyricism from the band’s John Linnell that has guided the duo’s four-decade career.

Part of you wants to believe me, but part of you isn’t yet totally off of your meds / Part of you senses that all of the story is totally making no sense,” Linnell sings on the song’s wildly catchy refrain. Detailing the album earlier this year, Linnell described the songs featured on BOOK as “humorously germane to the catastrophe going on around us,” a theme that feels present on this latest insight into the record.

Listen to ‘Part of You Wants to Believe Me’ below. BOOK is due out Friday, 12th November.

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