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The Sleepyheads | Credit: Luke Henery

Tassie Indie Punks The Sleepyheads Name Their Favourite Debut Albums

The Sleepyheads released their debut album, Something To Balance The Sonder, on Wednesday, 20th July. The ten-track album has been a long time coming for the lutruwita-based foursome, who formed in Launceston in 2016.

The Sleepyheads features vocalist and guitarist Pat Broxton, bass player Cam Locke, drummer Sean Zolnierczak, and guitarist Dan Barton. Over the last half-decade, the indie punk outfit has played at Falls Festival and Party In the Paddock and supported SEMANTICS on a national tour. To celebrate the album’s release, Broxton, Locke, Zolnierczak and Barton select their favourite debut albums.

The Sleepyheads’ favourite debut albums

Press Club – Late Teens

Cam Locke: I remember first hearing ‘Headwreck’ on triple j back in 2017. It was easy to pick out of a line-up because it just sounded so damn cool. Super raw mix and lo-fi style vocal. You could instantly tell what kind of energy the band had just from hearing the recording.

The next two singles, ‘My Body’s Changing’ and my personal favourite, ‘Suburbia’, further enforced that Press Club were offering up something fresh for Australian Punk. I remember there being so much buzz around them after just the singles because they were so damn good.

I was hooked and then when the album dropped I was not disappointed. It’s filled with raw, energetic, wild bangers from start to finish. ‘Golden State’ and ‘Ignorance’ are two personal favourites. I’ve been lucky enough to see them play live a few times as well and trust me, add them to your don’t-miss list. Check out this album as well while you’re at it.

Ceres – I Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here

Pat Broxton: I fell in love with Ceres off the back of their Luck EP. So my body was so ready when they put out I Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here. This record opened my eyes to writing dynamically interesting songs – huge build-ups, anthemic choruses, but also delicate and intimate parts.

I love the catchy songs like ‘Middle Names’ and ‘I Feel Fine, I Feel Sick’, but the tracks like ‘Upwey, Telcoma, Belgrave’ and ‘Jam Song’ are the ones that still give me goosebumps whenever I hear them. Tom Lanyon is such an incredible lyricist too. This was the first of three perfect albums that Ceres have now released.

Marmozets – The Weird and the Wonderful

Sean Zolnierczak: Man, what’s not to love about this album? It’s full of killer guitar riffs, solid AF drumming and amazingly tracked vocal performances. Vocalist Becca Macintyre pulls you in for catchy chorus lines, then slams you in the dirt with brutal screams.

This album has it all covered. Recorded raw with a slight bit of polish, the sheer energy that’s captured moves me to my core and has been a massive influence on me as a musician.

The 1975 – The 1975

Dan Barton: In late 2013, I was in the middle of shaping the vital music tastes and influences that still inspire me to this day. That same year, The 1975 dropped their self titled debut album; in my opinion, a modern classic. After a few months and multiple listens to tracks such as ‘She Way Out’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Sex’, there I was watching The 1975 play a set at the final Big Day Out (RIP).

This album was super important to me, it opened my eyes to so many styles of music that I otherwise would have ignored. Lead singer Matt Healy is a genius and let’s be honest, he looks like one off the coolest guys on the planet when he is on stage doing his thing.

The Sleepyheads’ Something To Balance The Sonder is out now.

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