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Citadel’s 10 Favourite Australian Bands and Tracks

Brisbane prog metal outfit Citadel make music that’s as heavy on atmosphere as it is bone-crushing grooves. The band’s latest single, ‘Parasyte’, is their second to date, following ‘Sundered Souls’, which came out in April. Between them, the four members of Citadel have previously played in bands such as Osaka Punch, Wildheart and Bayharbour.

“Parasyte was written at a very dark time in my life, following the end of an engagement and the death of a close family member as well,” said guitarist Nat Patterson. “It tackles the complex and harrowing feelings I felt directly after my fiancé and I broke it off.”

Citadel – ‘Parasyte’

Citadel’s top ten Australian bands and tracks

Polaris – ‘Regress’

Polaris are one of the best bands in Australia. Somehow everything they put out is consistently high quality, and they also manage to be one of the most exciting live acts.

RedHook – ‘Only Bones’

RedHook are going places. They are one of the most entertaining live bands in Australia and they feel like they’re doing something different. They are there to perform and have a good time, and it helps that their songs slap as well.

Ocean Grove – ‘JUNKIE$’

The pandemic hit Ocean Grove hard but that didn’t stop them releasing two amazing albums in that time frame. Their recent tour was incredible, and if you haven’t seen this band you’re missing out.

Aburden – ‘One For You’

Aburden have recently come back from hiatus with a new lineup and sound, but before their hiatus, they were one of the best sad-boi acts in Australia. It’s exciting to see what the future will hold for them.

Deadlights – ‘Bathed in Venom’

Fellow Brissy act Deadlights are making waves and getting on some exciting tours this year. Mesma is such a good album and their follow-up, Uncanny Valley, has some of the most impressive songwriting coming out of the scene.

Twelve Foot Ninja – ‘Deluge’

Twelve Foot Ninja are just fun. Weird, experimental but ultimately very enjoyable fun. 

Windwaker – ‘Me + You But Mostly Me’

Windwaker are killing it at the moment off the back of their debut album. Multiple huge tours and honestly they deserve it. Love Language was an amazing debut and they are supremely talented.

Ambleside – ‘Tired Eyes’

Ambleside are easily the best DIY band from Adelaide. Their unique brand of melodic hardcore is infectious and exciting and I wish they’d announce a new tour or release soon.

Make Them Suffer – ‘Old Souls’

Make Them Suffer have had a real journey over the last decade, taking them through many ups and downs and lineup changes. The most recent change notwithstanding, Make Them Suffer have recently been putting out some of their best work and I can’t wait to hear more.

Alpha Wolf – ‘Akudama’

Ferocious. Crushing. Fun. Alpha Wolf have earned their spot as one of the most exciting bands in the country. Killer songwriting chops crossed with immense production and deadly hooks – Alpha Wolf are just plain sick.

Citadel’s ‘Parasyte’ is out now.

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