The Social Media Accounts Formerly Known As Prince

Prince‘s short but amusingly fruitful fling with social media seems to have come to an end with this week’s discovery that the Purple One has deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus has removed all but a few videos from Youtube.

It’s a bittersweet discovery for Prince’s social media devotees, because while he only joined the world of Facebook and Twitter this year, the enigmatic musician made an major impact with his series of unpredictable and often outright inexplicable posts.

For who could forget Prince’s first dalliance with the Twitterverse just a mere year ago? That time when he stormed onto the scene and navigated his way around, like any 55-year-old would, with some bizarre test tweets. These were followed by a series of selfies, strange Q&A sessions and that one time he checkmated Dave Chapelle.

From lawsuits against fans to declaring once and for all that the internet is “completely over”, it has been an emotional ride. Still this is the internet, where nothing ever truly is deleted, and so dear readers, we invite you to reminisce a little with the gallery below, and remember the social media accounts formally known as Prince.

Gallery: Prince’s Dalliance With Social Media And The Internet

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