The Temper Trap

Some people have all the luck. I sit in my chilly office in the middle of Sydney, seeking solace in the still-frosty beer sitting in front of me, while Lorenzo, lead guitarist for The Temper Trap, is currently traipsing around Europe.

The band relocated to London a month ago to “spend a bit of time on the continent and try and build a fan base over here” Lorenzo says. “It was always our dream to at least come over here and give it a good crack early on.”

He’s upbeat, and with good reason. I take another sip of my beer, naively hoping the alcohol will warm me up. Lorenzo tells me the last month of touring and performing has been somewhat of a blur.

“It’s been bizarre, it doesn’t feel like a month has actually passed. We moved into a house about two weeks ago, which is pretty exciting. We’ve actually got a base now even though we’ve spent hardly any time there. We’ve been playing lots of gigs and getting quite a good response around England. We’ve gone into Europe a few times too.”

Australian fans might feel a little left out at this stage, given the debut Temper Trap album is due to be released next month and they won’t be in the country for quite some time after that. Lorenzo is quick to reassure though.

“It’s not that we don’t love Australia, but we want to try and give our music a crack in every continent that we possibly can. We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the fans that we have in Australia.”

I jealously ask him how he did end up there, what attracted him to music in the first place.

He recalls being a “mad Michael Jackson freak when I was a kid. In most of the family videos I was doing my worst and probably best Michael Jackson impersonations so I’ve always really loved music.” Interim distractions like school and university came and went, but when he met the other members of The Temper Trap, things started to fall into place.

“I guess it really became apparent in the room with the other guys. They had a real drive and really wanted to succeed as musicians and so did I. I guess that’s how it all came into fruition. I never thought my dreams could be realised until I met other people that had the same aspirations as I did.”

The band is signed to Infectious records worldwide, except in the US where it seems they will next be turning their attention. The decision to wait it out over there for more lucrative offers wasn’t entirely a financial one.

“It’s probably more important to have an established label behind you in America. Luckily the label was gracious enough to let us do that. We’re still trying to finalise a deal. Hopefully that’ll all be done soon and we can get the record released out there in about September. “

While plans for their next conquest are well underway, the band is being well received in Europe.

“We were in Germany last week where we did some shows with Glasvegas. The audience response was amazing, more than we could ever have hoped for. In England, we’re getting a bit of radio play so that always helps. It’s amazing how influential the radio stations are over here.”

Temper Trap’s debut album, Conditions will be released in Australia on June 16th. Find it on The Temper Trap

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