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Datsik, Manning Bar – 14/01/11

The legendary Datsik aka Troy Beetles, a 21 year old dubstep producer from Canada, played at the Manning bar on the 14th Jan much to the joy of Dubstep fans. If you love Dubstep no doubt you will have already heard of him, but if – like me – you’re more of a DnB fan who likes a dash of dubstep dopped into a set ocassionally, the name Datsik will be new to your ears.

With countless plays from some of the biggest DJ’s, and multiple dubstep anthems to his name. Datsik has proven himself to be one of the best dubstep producers around.

Describing his own music style as ‘grimey industrial devious future ninja techbots wrapped in tinfoil and thrown down the stairs, only to be ran over by a steamroller and hung out to dry’ – he definitely delivered on Friday night. In fact it perfectly sums up the night! Seriously the bass wobble and grime could be heard from the future.

Previous to entering the club, I was intrigued about how Datsik would stack up live, I was also a little worried that the Manning bar would be empty. Little did I know that Dubstep now has a mass following all over the world that I have – clearly – not noticed.

Manning bar was heaving! The venue is big, if you haven’t been before, I highly recommend it. On Friday night though, despite the large venue, it was still packed out with dubstep and DnB addicts wanting their fix. When Datsik hit the decks the crowd went nuts. It was hard not to get caught up in the grimey bass line along with our fellow DnB/dubstep fans. Datsik delivered throughout the set but noteworthy drops were Against the Machines, and the remixes fans have love – everyone was orgasmic over the bass wobble.

I highly highly recommend everyone check Datsik out – even if it is to listen online. Thanks to the DSS and Foreign Dub crews for putting on a stella night.

Photo by Liz Bell.

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