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DZ, Low Society and Foreign Dub – Herman’s Bar, 26/02/2011

Walking into Herman’s Bar late on a Saturday evening with the usual suspects at my back I was preparing to be aurally assaulted by filthy bass and tempted by tasty cider.

Herman’s hosted Low Society and Foreign Dub crews for a night of hard, angular, take no prisoners bass and dub.

My first time to Herman’s Bar and I wasn’t surprised to see that university bars across Australia seem to conform to a similar sense of architecture, open grass area and tiny bar space arrangement.

Most people were there to see Canadian export DZ but many were also enjoying the sounds of the Foreign Dub DJ’s – big ups to B.Hopps for making the most of a smaller crowd and working the outside stage in the grassy area. Dropping new tunes from Enei with Danger Dance. Not to mention Calibre and Spectre Soul tracks and some seriously dubbed out work Ital Lion from Genotype.

It was the MC from the last set of the night – a member of the Sweet AZ Soundsystem, Rayjah 45 who had heads turning and booties shaking. He definitely caught my attention for his musical talent, and caught some of the other lady’s eyes for other more aesthetic reasons. The talent this one man has for using his voice and a microphone is something to appreciate and envy. Boy’s got talent.

If you’d like to see Rayjah 45 and Sweet Az Sound System in the flesh and verify what I mean – come down to Inhale this Thursday.

Pop the Hatch and the Low Society DJ’s had everyone warmed up inside properly anticipating the arrival of the red maple leaf invasion in the form of DZ.

Familiar with the genre of Dubstep and wary of the crowd which seems to populate this genre of live music I expected DZ to cater to the wobble bass and the shirtless Muscle Mary portion of the audience. I was gladly surprised when DZ brought out not only a plethora of his own bass tracks (with vocals! Love the way Skream and Benga’s preference for vocals with epic bass seems to be filtering over the pond and into the Americas) but interesting remixes which sadly tested my limited musical knowledge. Although I did pick an awesome stepped on remix of The Chemical Brothers Salmon Dance, which had me testing the brain box for the name of the tune recognised covered by the slime of wobble.

Overall a deliciously filthy night and I still came out with a clean shirt 😉

FYI, mark this date in your calendars bass lovers – Calibre is coming out, April 2nd.

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