DJ Marky & Stamina MC @ Manning Bar this Friday

If i told you Marco Antonio Silva and Linden Michael Tarquin Lockington Johnson Spitfire Smythe Reeves (phew quite a mouthful there!).were coming to town to play I’m sure quite a few of you would be scratching your heads, going ‘what’s she on about?’

Those of you in the know – who hear those two names and freak out – would be super excited to hear me also say Friday 21st January, Manning Bar.

If you’ve still got no clue about what i’m going on about here let me elaborate:

Marco Antonia Silva aka DJ Marky has been around since the early 90’s spinning the Brazilian flavour of Drum and Bass. Marky came to notice in the mid-90’s when Jungle was hitting the UK club-vibe well hard. In 1999, DJ Marky was awarded “Best New DJ” by British critics. He’s had residency at the club Movement, another with The End Club. He’s also worked for the UK’s BBC Radio 1, with a 2 hour stint on The Essential Mix in March 2004.

The DJ Marky & Friends collective has also secured residences in London, Paris, Tokyo and Sao Paulo – if you want to hear some of the remix action, check out DJ Marky’s version of Fatboy Slim’s track Wonderful Night and Deadmau5’s Strobe (Its a SPY and DJ Marky special)

Moving onto Linden Michael Tarquin Lockington Johnson Spitfire Smythe Reeves aka Stamina MC is a regular collaborator with DJ Marky. Said to be able to MC over any style of music, Stamina has provided vocals for the track Barcelona by D.Kay and Epsilon and LK by DJ Marky & XRS Land.

But what’s an epic night with only two magic mystros on the decks (and microphone)? Straight from the UK is another DnB big end hitter – Big Bud. Also the Head Honcho at Soundtrax he’s an overachiever with DJ, Producer and Commander of the Legions of the North all staples of his resume. Big Bud has been a busy boy over the last decade and has finally made his way down under – fresh from a headlining set at the Dubshak during the Peats Ridge Festival, Big Bud promises to add more depth to an already sensational Drum & Bass line up.

And lets not forget the local crew who makes these nights possible. ForeginDub will be sparking up the decks through out the night – so get in early and support the local crew.

So kids, you educated now? I hope so – one last thing:

Get your arses down to the Manning Bar this Friday to check out DJ Marky and Stamina MC – you won’t be disappointed, but you will hear me say ‘i told you so’ when you have your minds blown.

DJ Marky + Stamina MC with JPS (Melb), Spikey Tee & Foreigndub

Friday 21 January – Manning Bar, Univerity of NSW

Tickets from here or here

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