Alex The Astronaut Drops Powerful New Song ‘I Like To Dance’

Content warning: This article discusses domestic violence

Alex The Astronaut is no stranger to coupling her gorgeous and delicate voice with heavy-hitting social and political topics, but it’s never been more powerful or more heartbreaking as her new song, ‘I Like To Dance.’

It’s a story of domestic violence, but it’s not Alex’s story. She felt obliged to write the song after a conversation with a magistrate, who told her the devastating amount of domestic violence cases he sees each week.

According to the song’s accompanying press release, the aim of the song is to put a spotlight on these victims’ strength, resilience, kindness and dreams, as opposed to their experiences.

The lyrics are completely devastating so brace yourself for an emotional listen.

“You scream ‘Why don’t you leave!’ / My kids are two and three / I just can’t pay for what they need / We both know he’d find me.”

Alex The Astronaut is about to embark on a massive national tour supporting Vera Blue. Find out all those details here.

Listen to ‘I Like To Dance’ below. Reminder that this song might be triggering. If you or anyone you know is struggling with domestic violence or abuse, please contact 1800 RESPECT here.

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