Another International Act Ruled Out For Soundwave 2016

UPDATE 17/12/15 5.50pm: Soundwave 2016 has been officially cancelled.

Soundwave Festival head honcho AJ Maddah has ruled punk rockers Blink-182 out of Soundwave 2016, adding that he doubts Australia will ever see the band on its sandy shores again.

Responding to an optimistic punter on Twitter overnight who asked if Blink will return to Australia soon, Maddah said, “No. I doubt we’ll ever see them again. Hope you caught them in 2013.”

Maddah didn’t expand on why he thinks the band will never return down under, but his speculation is warranted given Blink’s recent history.

Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus announced in May that the band were going through a “friendly divorce” with guitarist Tom DeLonge, who the band first said they were parting ways with back in January, amidst a public falling-out.

Blink-182 toured Australia in 2013 as part of that year’s Soundwave Festival, but were without drummer Travis Barker, whose fear of flying kept him from making the trip. In January this year, news came to light that the band considered ditching Barker following the Soundwave tour.

In October 2013, Maddah was asked via Twitter if there was any chance of Blink-182 or Sum 41 coming to Australia in 2014. He replied saying, “I doubt Blink will ever tour Aus again,” mirroring the statement he made overnight.

Blink-182 released their latest album, Neighborhoods, in 2011, and have been working on a new album over the past few years, leaving fans to wait patiently as patiently as they can. Alkaline Trio guitarist Matt Skiba has taken up DeLonge’s role, but it hasn’t been confirmed if he’ll be sticking around for good.

So with Blink ruled out of Soundwave 2016 and — if Maddah is correct — never returning to Australia, it might just be time to relive the good ol’ days with 7 Reasons Your Teenage Years Would Have Sucked Without Blink-182.

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