Arcade Fire Are Eyeing A 2017 Release Date For Their New Record

Arcade Fire will release the follow-up to 2013’s Reflektor next year if we’re to believe Will Butler from the band.

Butler has gone solo since the band’s last record, releasing his debut Policy last year and a live album Friday Night this year, but in a Reddit AMA he said he was back in Arcade Fire mode working on their next album.

When asked whether he would be releasing a new solo album soon he said, “Not sure yet. Hopefully in the next 18 months, but pretty focused on AF world these days.”

When pressed as to when Arcade Fire will release their new record he said, “spring”, which presumably means Spring in the US or Autumn for us down-under. If it were to come out in the first half of next year it would mark the longest gap between records for the band – four years.

The band have a few live dates coming up including a headline set at NYC’s new Panorama Festival but even Butler himself is not sure what the setlist will look like. When asked whether they will play any new songs he replied, “dunno yet”. They’re apparently “Working it out in the next couple weeks”.

It’s been a little while since Arcade Fire were in Australia. In fact, the last time they were here Big Day Out was still a thing. They played its last edition in 2014.

Watch: Arcade Fire – Reflektor

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